23 August 2017

How to White Wash Plywood Walls and Ceiling

If you want to know how to white wash you have come to the right place. We will show you how in the video below and best of all its easy as. So why white wash in the first place?

  • Its cheap - all that is required is a small amount of paint and free water, it does not get much cheaper than that.
  • Quick - one quick coat that you can apply pretty roughly is all its takes. Compared to other methods there is no waiting between multiple coats.
  • Easy - does not require too much skill,  a little practice on a test surface and you are away. 
  • Attractive - creates a modern clear look.

What we did

We did a single coat of one part paint to two parts water. We used Resene Zylone Sheen VOC Free paint because it has less toxins to off gas. Cut in with a brush and used a roller for the majority. 

Finished white washed wall in our tiny house


  • Test ratios and paints before you commit to the real job. 
  • Best to have one person apply to keep consistency across the job.
  • Mix one batch and apply over the whole job to keep consistency.
  • Try brushing over after using roller.
  • Don't cut in, when it comes to corners use the roller to get close as possible and very quickly use a dry bush blend.

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