28 October 2016

How to Replace Glass Pane Timber Window

Broken a window? Don't worry this video will see you right. In this video we show you how to replace a glass pane in a timber window.

In this case we have very hard putty (glazing compound) left from the old pane of glass. We used a heat gun to soften the existing glazing compound. A chisel is used to scrape the glazing compound making way for the new pane. Glazing points were removed and reused. We used a water based paint primer to seal the window frame.

Heat gun used to soften existing putty on this timber window

Chisel used to clean up old glazing compound from this wooden window 

The video also talks about using oil based paint and linseed oil for sealing. We run through four techniques to apply the glazing compound and comment on each. Hope this video can help you guys with a broken pane or new install.

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