31 August 2016

How to Replace Single Glazing with Double Glazing in a Door or Window

The following post and video explains how to retro fit double glazing into a timber framed, single glazed window or door. So before we crack into it why would you want to do this? Double glazing has the following benefits:
  • Can halve heat loss through windows and doors
  • Significantly improve thermal comfort of your home
  • Reduce external noise
  • Reduce or remove condensation build up in cold weather.

For our tiny house we have chosen to double glaze all windows and doors for the reasons above. All the tiny house timber windows and doors have been sourced second hand.

A door or window can be converted to double glazing either before or after the frame has been installed in your house, the first option is easier and faster. The video below shows an example of how to do this, it took us four full days to complete one colonial style door. In NZ double glazing can be sourced from your local glass shop who will generally use either Metro or Viridian.

Without going into great written detail we will let the video of the process explain how to do it:

We will show you how to:

  1. Remove existing window or door
  2. Remove existing glass 
  3. Measure and size for new double glazing unit or Insulating glass unit (IGU)
  4. How to calculate the thickness of your IGU
  5. How to recess the windows and door to fit the new IGU
  6. How to rebuild a colonial window or door
  7. Sourcing IGUs
  8. Talk about argon filled and low e IGUs
  9. How to install IGU using the drained method. 
  10. Explain the purpose and placement of window/door drainage holes
  11. Prime the frame before installing double glazing
  12. Make and install wooden beads
  13. How to use butyl sealing tape to seal and protect from moisture 
  14. How to make and install packers to support double glazing unit
Like anything with all the information its not a hard job and very rewarding. Let us know if you have any questions in the comments below. Happy building! 

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