08 June 2016

Tiny House Bed that Lifts Away with a Touch of a Button

We love great design - we think these guys over the ditch have it going on big time. Want to see a bed that lifts into the unused roof space at the touch of a button? Or a deck that can be assembled in two hours that almost doubles the size of the house? Check out this blog post for details....

This 18 square meter tiny house was built by a team of young Australians and is designed for a sub topical climate near Brisbane. After building this house as a prototype, the couple have created The Tiny House Company so the can make more of these beautiful houses.

Clean sight lines though the house make it feel bigger. "de-cluttered and ordered views tend to feel bigger"

Up up and away, one push of a remote button and the bed rises to the roof and is out of the way for entertaining, relaxing or whatever takes your fancy.

Exposed LVL (Laminated veneer lumber) frames at 900mm centres dictates the place of kitchen cabinets, doors and windows

The demountable deck almost doubles the floor area of the house and can set up or dismantled in a couple of hours.

Clean lines all around lead to eye creating the feeling of space

With limited width the high ceiling creates a real sense of space.

Beautiful recycled hardwood timbers have been re purposed and used as flooring and decking which creates that warm, homely feeling.

Don't believe us about the bed - check this video out.

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