23 June 2015

Toy Box Tiny House Booms Color and Modernism

This colorful and different tiny house has just been completed and grabbed our attention. According to its creators, it was built to express four things: peace, simplicity, happiness, and recreation. You can buy the 13 square meter tiny house for US $48000.

Bright and cheerful from the outside.

The white part is thermoplastic, which is very durable, as well as UV - and heat-resistant. This helps regulate the interior temperature without extra power.

When not forming a comfortable sofa, the eight storage cubes slide on the finished plywood floor to quickly transform the space.

Energy efficient LED lighting is cleverly hidden around the house. Power sockets are hidden on the underside of the colorful easy access 'spice rack'.

The kitchen is simple, minimalist yet offers plenty of functional room to prepare and store.

The stainless steel sink and shower share the same pull out low-flow faucet.

Loft windows open to allow morning and evening breezes across the king sized bed.

See more at Toy Box Tiny House

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