03 December 2014

Stacking and Nesting Storage for Small Kitchens Items

As storage space is limited in a small kitchen its makes sense to use well designed space saving equipment.


Most measuring cups nest but the handles do not usually line up. These cups by Cuppa from Umbra solve this problem.

Wine glasses waste a lot of space, but this problem is reduced with these babies above.

Have you ever tried to put the oven tray into the oven draw but cant get it to fit, even though it fitted before you removed it? Maybe a complete set like this from Stellar Eazistore Nesting Bakeware Set will help to compact and reduce storage space.

One of the biggest space 'hogs' is pots and pans. Thankfully the Natural Home Eazistore cookware set sorts this issue with this 5 pot and pan stack, which stack into the size of one.

The collapsible colander from Rösle also collapses to less than 50mm. It takes one plate rack in the dishwasher and is designed so all material can be exposed to cleaning.

It can be incredibly frustrating when the potato masher gets caught up with everything in the utensil draw. I was stoked to find this flip potato masher from Prepara, which allows the head to easily flip by 90 degrees.

Storing long BBQ tools can be a nightmare. Not with the Cuisinart folding grill tool set that folds up saving space.

This Joseph 4-in-1 fold-flat grater simply folds to reduce storage space.

The funnel is another item that's sometimes hard to fit into a drawer—unless it's a collapsible funnel, such as this one from Normann Copenhagen.

The collapsible over-the-sink dish drainer is another design which saves space in two ways—it saves counter space, and it collapses to one-third its extended size for storage.


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