10 November 2014

3D Printing Our Tiny House

In recent years 3D printers have become more commonplace in households and not just as a tool for engineers and designers. I have printed our tiny house using a popular makerbot replicator 2X. In the video below I show the process of importing the model into the printer software, setting it up, printing, the clean up and the assembly.

Compared to building your model from toothpicks and glue for example (not that there is anything wrong with that), this is a very simple and quick process. It gives an excellent idea of proportions and space. It also provides a talking point and is something tangible that people can touch. Any changes can be quickly modified and reprinted.

Intro Video

Full Video

Looking at the model in real life I think some of the window and door openings need some adjustment but other than I think things are looking sweet.

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