20 August 2014

Sell your stuff and do what you love

What the hell is going on here? People are slowing downsizing their homes to a move to a more finance friendly model. Buy why are they doing this?

How big is your house?

New Zealands average house size in 2010 was 205 square meters the seconded highest on the image above before Australia. This is an extreme jump from the 142 square meters in 1980. NZ Herald  

What does it cost to buy a house?

Above is based on the US market but its a pretty close representation to NZ costs. So after 30 years you could spend around 1 million dollars that's over $30,000 per year! No wonder there is no money in the kitty at the end of each pay. Now imagine that pay back in your pocket - what could you do with it!? Lets face it who really wants to give their hard earned coin to the banks. 


It now takes 63% of one medium income to pay the mortgage on a medium priced house. In central Auckland almost all your medium wage is used to pay your mortgage, leaving not much for Friday night beers, let alone eating. Rocketing house prices are making it almost impossible for the youth of today to get on the property ladder. 

What's happening in the US

The tiny house movement has blown up around the world, especially in the US. New tiny house web sites are popping up almost daily (I know because in trawl the web for this sort of thing everyday). Tiny house sales listings are increasing. They have even produced a TV series following the design, build and living in tiny houses called 'Tiny house nation'. From what I have find this is no fad its happening and man its taking off. 

Tiny living 

Tiny living offers us a chance to live without debt and create freedom for ourselves. It also forces you to get rid of all that junk you have lying around and stops you buying more junk to put with/on the other junk. This is a great TED talk about getting rid of all your stuff and being free. 

I understand that not everyone is going to want to live in a tiny house. But I hope people will be able to take bits from the concept and apply it to help in their lives. 

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