05 July 2014

Welcome to my Tiny House Build

Welcome to Wee Make Change, a site where I will document the process of design and build of a tiny house from scratch in Napier New Zealand. What is a tiny house? Well it’s tiny, an area under 37m2 that generally looks like a traditional house. In this case the house will be on wheels to make it transportable.

So why would I want to make a crazy small house on wheels? There is a notable pattern where a lot of people are struggling to pay rent/living costs let alone buy property of their own. The concept is to reduce your living space, reduce your ‘stuff’ and generally simplify the clutter in your life to give you more time and money to do the things you love.

This website and associated social media outlets will convey the whole process as openly as possible so everyone can benefit from it. This will include research, design, build and finances. I want to source as many local recycled materials as possible to keep costs down and reduce the environmental impact. This in turn will engage local people and encourage companies to contribute and learn from the project.

If you are still confused and/or want a better idea check out this tiny house video from the US.

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