26 July 2014

Tiny House Design Specifications

My product development background has taught me that defining the product of its intended use at the start of the process is key. Why?  

  • Forces you think early on in the process about potential design features.
  • Defined specs can help limit over thinking ideas as there is many ways things can be done.
  • Helps define the outcome if working with other people - everyone on the same page from the start.
  • Aids in conducting consumer research as specs are largely driven from consumers.
  • Helps communication and misunderstandings if working with a client.

This process can be applied for any product or service. Here are my specs for a mobile tiny house.

  • Weight 3000 - 3500kg  
  • Length 6 - 7m
  • Height 4 - 4.25m
  • Can sleep 4 people in beds
  • Open plan living 
  • Good size outdoor living
  • Indoor outdoor flow
  • Have the ability to entertain at least eight people comfortably 
  • Design so quick and easy to clean
  • Can stand in the sleeping loft area
  • Have similar appliances as a traditional house 

  • Use sun as much as possible to heat home
  • Let as much natural light into the home as possible 
  • Design around the prevailing wind in NZ

  • Use local materials where possible 
  • Use recycled materials where possible 
  • Look at using alternative materials 
  • Use safe, environmentally friendly materials where possible 

  • Recycle as much waste material from the build 
  • The home has the ability to recycle as much of its waste material as possible
  • The home can produce its own energy
  • Be as energy efficient as possible 

These specs are a guide and will be developed and changed as the project progresses.   

What do you think? Have you got any other ideas? Let us know in the comments below. 

Lily Duval from Christchurch glad she worked out her specs as she constructs her roof
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